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How to Make a Great Wedding Toast

How to Make a Great Wedding Toast

On August 5, 2014 by Ani Keshishian in Bites Of Advice, Wedding Celebrations

The vows have been made, the champagne has been poured, and now it’s time for the best man (or maid of honor) to stand up and toast the bride and groom. We’ve all cringed watching a well-meaning but tipsy — or let’s say over-exuberant — best man raise his glass and launch into a meandering, raunchy, and endless speech full of in-jokes and innuendos that leaves the bride embarrassed and the guests bewildered. No one means to make a toast like that, of course, but nerves and alcohol are a potent combination. They can be overcome by a little preparation, some quiet thinking ahead of time about what you’d really like to say when the moment is upon you. It doesn’t hurt to have some notes tucked into your pocket in case your mind goes blank at the sight of fifty or a hundred or four hundred people waiting for you to open your mouth.

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Event Spotlight: Anoush Serves Up Cuisine For Educational Fundraiser

On June 12, 2014 by Ani Keshishian in Corporate, News & Press

In our 28 year history Anoush Catering has found that no matter what language you speak great food brings everyone together. This was never more true than when we teamed up with the Ben Franklin School, the International Foreign Language Academy in Glendale to dish up delicious bites for their 4th annual Spring Gala.  We were thrilled to share our own cuisine in a truly international affair, replete with inspiration from all corners of the world.

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Real Weddings: Rocio & Jose Angel’s Stylish Family Affair

On April 16, 2014 by Ani Keshishian in Brandview Ballroom, Wedding Celebrations

Venue: Brandview Ballroom
Photography: Soulmate Wedding Photography
Catering: Anoush Catering
Florist: Andre’s House of Floral Design
Cake: Cake Studio Los Angeles
DJ: DJ Johnny Torres from Ross Creations
Date: October 2013

On October 13th, Rocio and Jose Angel said “I do” to a new life together at a beautiful ceremony in Glendale. Surrounded by family and friends, the bride and groom exchanged vows and held their reception at Brandview Ballroom.

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Real Weddings: Barbara & Craig Wowed The Crowd At Le Foyer

On April 16, 2014 by Ani Keshishian in Le Foyer Ballroom, Wedding Celebrations


Venue: Le Foyer Ballroom
Photography: Cakes & Kisses
Catering: Anoush Catering
Florist: Aunt, Cristina Amaral
Cake: Grandmother, Olivia Cardoso and Godmother Claudio Martiniano
DJ: Soundwave Productions
Date: October 2013

Many people say that family is the most important thing in life, and for Barbara and Craig, this certainly rings true. The two tied the knot at Le Foyer Ballroom on October 6th in front of 200 beloved family and friends. The couple met at a birthday party during high school, and celebrated their 9-year anniversary only 4 days before the wedding!

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Real Weddings: Cristale and Azad’s Date with Fate

On April 16, 2014 by Ani Keshishian in Brandview Ballroom, Wedding Celebrations

Venue: Brandview Ballroom
Photography: Jay Jay Photography
Catering: Anoush Catering
Florist: Petals LA
Cake: La Galette
DJ: Heartbeat DJ
Date: August 2013

Many couples think that destiny plays a part in meeting their soulmate. For Cristale and Azad, fate most certainly brought them together. The two initially met at Azad’s jewelry store (perfectly appropriate!) but they went about their separate ways. It wasn’t until they bumped into each other during a college class that they reconnected. Soon thereafter, they started dating, and the rest, they say, is history.

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Anoush Catering Birthday Planning Guide!

On April 16, 2014 by Ani Keshishian in Birthday Celebrations

Quenceanera? Bar Mitzvah? Sweet 16? Your mother’s 60th? Your son’s 18th? There’s always a great reason to celebrate another year. And no better caterer than Anoush Catering to help you plan. Whether you need Chimichangas or Pork Chops or Salmon we’ve got you covered. With over 28 years experience we have hosted thousands of birthday celebrations and have a simple three step guide to your next big birthday bash.

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