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Best Fundraiser Event Venues

As you begin sifting through potential banquet halls in Los Angeles to host your fundraiser, you should take care to keep in mind the purpose of the event – to raise money for a good cause. Raising money for a good cause is the number one priority, it is important to also remember the importance of providing your attendees a space to have a good time. After all, they are the ones not only funding the event, but also contributing to a good cause. For this reason, it is important that you prioritize your focuses on maximizing fundraising dollars and minimizing expenses.


Questions to Ask Banquet Hall Candidates

When looking for the best banquet hall in Los Angeles for your fundraiser you should take care to ask certain questions to potential candidates. Consider the following:

  1. What are the most affordable days to rent the space? Many banquet halls will reduce the cost of renting the space during slow times and on slow days.
  2. Is there a rate reduction for non-profit organizations? Most banquet halls in Los Angeles will offer a discounted rate for non-profits. When you view the venue be sure to convey your passion for the cause and speak up about where the money that you will raise will go. This could get you additional accommodation deductions.
  3. Are they willing to do a product exchange or donate the space in return for free space advertising to be included in your marketing materials? Believe it or not, free advertisement on social media, ads, flyers, etc. is often a very attractive incentive for venues. This is especially true if you can prove your organization’s credibility.
  4. Can any of the fees be waived since your organization is non-profit?
  5. Is the venue willing to give back a portion of profits from food and beverage sales to the non-profit for donation? State your case by reinforcing that you will be bringing additional foot traffic to the venue.


Ideal Fundraiser Venues in Los Angeles

Depending on the size of your event there are many eligible event spaces from luxurious to more casual in the Los Angeles area. For example, a large and lavish fundraising event space worth consideration might be the Ritz Carlton of Down Town Los Angeles.

Keep in mind when choosing your event space, that every dollar that is spent in the production of your event is a dollar less that will go towards your cause. That being said, choose and spend wisely. Also keep in mind that any venue worth hosting your fundraiser at will be willing to offer some sort of special accommodations for a good cause. If not, they may not be the right venue to host your event at. In the end, when selecting a banquet hall for your fundraiser keep your eyes set on the prize and pay special attention to your overall goal – raising money whilst providing a space for your attendees to have a good time.

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