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Food Trends for Wedding

The wedding food scene is constantly changing and evolving. It is one area that you can count on to continue to become innovative, creative and unique. It has got to. After all, aside from the wedding venue itself, food is the next largest budget breaker for wedding planners. When you are dishing it out like most soon-to-be-weds do, you expect something that is going to leave people talking. Wedding catering and event catering companies do an amazing job of staying up to date with wedding food trends, so you can rest assured that when you hire one of LA’s finest catering companies they will be familiar with the following trends.


Wedding Food Trends 2016

Here are some of the top trends to be expected in the world of wedding food during the 2016 wedding season.

  1. Fusion – Displaying the culture of the bride and groom by way of the menu will continue to be popular this year.
  2. Vibrant plates – Color, color everywhere! That is what you have to look forward to. From bright and brilliant edible flowers to an array of sauces that look like they rolled right out of a Crayola box, get ready for a splash of color everywhere you look this wedding season.
  3. Mediterranean cuisine – Middle Eastern flavors, Persian in particular, are expected to continue to gain momentum by taking their place on wedding menus across the country this season.
  4. Refreshing waters – “Super waters” consisting of ice cold water, with refreshing additives such as lemongrass, mint and ginger will take their place in line as the next big thing.
  5. Light and healthy – Say goodbye to fried chicken and baked potato bars. Instead, this season expects lighter and healthier fare. Think sushi, kabobs, ‘greener’ salads, etc. So pretty much kale and seaweed everything.


Of course, these are not the only trending menu items this 2016 wedding season. They are just simply the ones that are expected to gain the most hype and therefore be the most enjoyed. Be sure to check our list of best catering services in Glendale CA


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