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Groom Wedding Checklist

Contrary to common belief, grooms have a lot of responsibility when it comes to planning for the most important day of their life. Here is a checklist starting from 6 months out that will help you to prepare for your big day, should you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and confused about the order of operations.

6 Months until Wedding

  • Budget: Setting your budget is important to do early on. This will prevent financial distresses for you and your future bride, as well as unintentional upsets should you have to tell her “no” at some point. Make sure that you establish with your fiancé what her family will be paying for, up front.
  • Build a guest list: Doing this at this point will help when it comes to selecting wedding banquet halls that might fit your event, as having an idea of the number of guests might limit your options.
  • Choose your best man: Make sure to select your best man early enough that he can schedule and plan accordingly.
  • Look into state requirements for a wedding license.
  • Plan and schedule honeymoon.
  • Set up a wedding gift registry with your fiancé.

3 Months until Wedding

  • Finalize guest list and hand it over to the lady of the house.
  • Finalize wedding attire for you, your best man and your groom’s men.
  • Make transportation arrangements (limo, car rentals, etc.) for you and your fiancé, as well as the rest of the wedding party.
  • Finalize and complete honeymoon plans (i.e. Hotel arrangements and tickets).
  • Have wedding rings sized, engraved, etc.

6-8 Weeks until Wedding

  • Together, with the help of your parents, plan rehearsal dinner. Using a catering service company will help with this.
  • Make lodging arrangements for out of town guests (i.e. Room blocks).
  • Choose and purchase gifts for your wedding party.
  • If applicable, choose bride’s gift. Often times a fine piece of jewelry such as a watch is sufficient. You might also consider a nice picture frame for your wedding photo.
  • Pick up wedding rings, ensure everything fits and engraving is correct. Store in a safe place.
  • Schedule yourself off of work for your bachelor party and attend the bachelor party.
  • Complete wedding invitations with your bride-to-be.

2 Weeks until Wedding

  • Set a date with your bride-to-be to go pick up your marriage license
  • Finalize transportation arrangements to the airport for honeymoon departure.
  • Check on all honeymoon reservations including plane tickets, car rentals and hotel reservations.

1 Week until Wedding

  • Finalize and review seating arrangements with your fiancé.
  • Set the clergy fee aside in an envelope and give to best man to deliver after your ceremony.
  • Collect all necessary funds, passports, IDs, etc. for honeymoon.
  • Pack your bags for the honeymoon and place by the door.
  • Review rehearsal dinner details.
  • Write down or otherwise plan/rehearse your wedding toast.
  • If you rented tux’s, arrange returns for when you have left for the honeymoon.

After Wedding and Honeymoon

  • Sign wedding license and send off to courthouse before you depart on honeymoon.
  • Send your wife’s parents and any applicable family members a thank you letter.
  • After the honeymoon take care to write and send thank you notes for all gifts.
  • Live happily ever after!

These are just some helpful hint to think about before your wedding. Be sure to check out our full line of banquet halls in Glendale CA and through Los Angeles for your special day.

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