Small Wedding Ideas & Location in Glendale CA

Small Wedding Ideas

More people are having small weddings than ever before. When it comes to weddings, smaller may actually be better. When your guest list is small, your planning options become endless, and you can throw a truly glamorous wedding without spending a fortune. Here are a few helpful hint from Anoush your local Glendale CA banquet halls professionals.

Saving Money

You may want to spend your money on an amazing honeymoon or a down-payment on a house. A small wedding venue in Glendale CA will allow you to do just this. Not only will it leave you with more money in the bank, but it also allows you to have a higher-quality wedding. A four-course dinner for 50 is better than cake and punch for 100. It becomes a choice between cutting corners in order to have a huge guest list and having a truly special, intimate day.


Food Catering

Small wedding venue ideas are absolutely endless, but what about food? You can eliminate lots of problems with regard to food and food cost when using a catering service company in Glendale CA.Catering is a great way to have the people closest to you enjoy something delicious and new. Catering companies offer a lot of different options for food, both large and small. Weather you need to feed 20 people or 200, a catering service company is the way to go.


Treat Your Guests

A small wedding gives you the chance to go all out for your guests. Further, a small weddingvenue can bea luxurious inn, a glamorous restaurant, or even an art gallery. Keeping things small means that the extra details, like a six-course feast for your guestsand free open bar,are suddenly more accessible. Create a day that both you and your guests will remember.


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