Trendy Banquet Halls in Glendale CA

Trendy Banquet Halls in Glendale

The word on the street is that this wedding season modern and contemporary will be “in,” with regards to wedding locations. Each bride and groom are different, all with their own unique style and likes. However, there are trends that come about every wedding season, sweeping the masses off their feet.

Historically speaking, there are some banquet halls in Glendale that are said to be among the trendiest. Some of these trendy banquet halls in Glendale include (but are not limited to):

  • Brandview Ballroom: Funky lighting capabilities, a breathtaking fountain and a magnificent eye-catching and modern chandelier, all make this banquet hall one of Glendale’s trendiest.
  • The Patio at Brandview: Outdoor weddings are in. This lively and sleek patio is one of the area’s finest to host a pleasant outdoor wedding.


2016 Wedding Trends


The past few holiday seasons have been flooded with weddings that look like they rolled right off of a Pinterest board. This wedding season is expected to be different. Glitz, glam, metallic and all things that sparkle will adorn trendy banquet halls in Glendale. Personalized touches, aimed at ensuring that guests have a great time, will be a center of focus for weddings across the west coast.

Rose gold and copper are said to be among the most popular accents. While outdoor ceremonies and receptions will lead the wedding venue location category. Whereas blush icings and cocktails are expected to take over the beverage and cake scene.

In terms of ambiance, think romance. Perfect lighting, starry-eyed atmosphere, with intimate settings that bring butterflies to everyone’s stomach. This is what we can expect this 2016 wedding season, in terms of trends.

Following this suit, Glendale has some of the most perfect banquet halls, wedding venues, patios and other outdoor locations perfect to fit the needs of these trends.

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