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Vegetarian Menu for Wedding Receptions

With today’s vastly changing wedding scene and new trends popping up nearly overnight, wedding catering companies have to keep up in order to stay successful. One of the latest trends in wedding catering is vegetarian menus. Read on for some vegetarian menu items that you can expect to see should you attend a wedding where the bride or groom does not eat meat, or that you can use at your vegetarian wedding reception.


5 Trending Vegetarian Wedding Reception Menu Items

Whether you are a vegetarian looking for menu inspiration or a guest weary of attending a wedding where the vegetarian fare will be served, having an idea of popular vegetarian reception meals might bring you some peace. Or not, but either way – here are a few trending vegetarian wedding offerings.

  1. Sides & salads: A meal that consists of sides and salads is a big thing at wedding receptions for vegetarians today. Salad bars and even baked potato bars are gaining momentum where guests may have the opportunity to build their meal the way they like (minus the meat, of course). These options often give the guests opportunity to sub in protein for meat where they can, i.e. nuts or eggs.
  2. Hor d’oeuvres only: Passed selections of aperitifs and other forms of appetizers have become rather common. You can expect reception fare of this sort at weddings midday, where the bride and groom may choose to skip a main course all together. The time of day in which the event is being held makes this menu option possible, where it is perfectly acceptable to indulge in only snacks and cocktails late afternoon early evening, but yet before supper time.
  3. Buffet: Buffets, though considered by some to be tacky, are really the best case scenario for non-vegetarian guests attending a vegetarian wedding, as well as vegetarians with a guest list full of non-vegetarians. This gives the option to include meat selections should the bride and groom feel enticed. Otherwise, the guests still get to choose their meal by selecting only the things that are of interest to them.
  4. Sushi: Who doesn’t like sushi? Well, some are turned off by the idea of raw fish, but vegetarians do not eat fish anyway, so what does it matter? Vegetarian sushi selections offer a fantastically light, fresh and often times popular menu open. Some trending options include veggie hand rolls, numerous vegetarian inspired sushi rolls, build-your-own rice bowls, and vegetarian satays.
  5. Veggie entrees: Vegetable plates are not just a popular offering at southern Mom and Pop restaurants anymore. Instead, they are huge hits at vegetarian wedding receptions. Veggie tarts, Caprese salad stacks, eggplant cannelloni, and marinated portabella mushroom steaks are among some of the creative vegetarian entrée items that are trending this season.


Vegetarians sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to serving “their type of food” at their wedding. However, vegetarian cuisine does not have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can offer a fresh, delicious and light alternative to the often cringed upon overcooked meat with mystery brown sauce. Be sure to talk to your wedding venue and be sure they can give the veggies a chance, you might be surprised!

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