Wedding Decorations Trends in Glendale CA

Wedding Banquet Table Decorations

When decorating tables in wedding banquet halls, your options are endless. Typically round tables are the way to go. Aside from being the best shape for conversations, round tables allow you to decorate in so many different ways. They can seat anywhere from eight to twelve people, and keep your space open. Round tables are elegant, practical, and great for maximizing your reception space, since you can comfortably fit more people around them than at rectangular or square tables.


Flower Center Pieces

One of the most important things to consider with regard to round tables is décor height. Keep floral arrangements and other table décor under 14 inches or over 20 inches high so guests can see and talk with one another across the table. Scale is important as well. A large centerpiece would dwarf the table and leave little room for tableware. A grouping of small floral arrangements in different vessels is a great alternative.


Decoration Colors

With round tables, your color options are limitless. A good thing to remember when choosing colors is to think in threes. Keep décor and arrangement in similar colors and sizes. Consider using one accents if you are doing a lot of white. Adding anything metallic can really add that touch of elegance to your setting. You can even add color to your chairs,


Decoration Patterns

Spacious wedding banquet halls allow for so many options. With round tables you don’t have to just decorate in bright colors to make it pop. Bring in some texture through patterns like damask, florals, or stripes in a crisp ivory or eggshell. Layer patterns over each other for a chic yet unique twist on typical décor.


Style that’s not so “in your face” creates elegance perfect for your wedding day. Round tables allow for a wide range of stylish decorations. Be sure to contact your wedding venue in Glendale CA before you start picking and choosing patterns and colors. You want to be sure the venue can hold the amount of guest and that the décor matches.


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