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Wedding Catering Checklist

As far as the largest budgetary factors that will come into play for your wedding go, the only thing that will likely cost you more than the food is the wedding venue itself. Wedding catering can make a large dent in your budget, but rightfully so. Alongside wedding venues, the cuisine that is served is the second most remembered aspect of a wedding. Think about that for a second.

That being said, who you choose for your wedding catering company is kind of a big deal. No, it is more than that – it is everything.


Question Checklist for Wedding Caterer

Here is a checklist of questions that you should take care to ask every single wedding catering prospect during your interviews for selection.

  1. Are you available for my wedding date?
  2. How many weddings, on average, do you do a year?
  3. Do you have all of the proper licensing in the state of California? That includes a license to serve alcohol.
  4. Will there be a banquet manager provided to handle service?
  5. Do you assist with any other aspects of the wedding?
  6. What food choices and styles of service can you recommend for my budget? Do you have any specialties?
  7. Do you create custom menus?
  8. Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?
  9. What décor for table setups or buffets do you provide? If any.
  10. Do you offer theme menus?
  11. Is everything a la carte or do you offer packages?
  12. Pricing (including children’s meals and vendor meals).
  13. Do you do wedding cakes? Cake cutting fee? Ice cream? Per person charge?
  14. Do you offer dessert displays?
  15. Will you provide a tasting?
  16. Is any rental equipment included in pricing?
  17. Who is responsible for handling cleanup?
  18. Can we wrap up and take home leftovers?
  19. Can we provide our own alcohol? Corkage fee?
  20. Do you have bartenders?
  21. How do you charge for beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic)?
  22. Does your price include a champagne toast?
  23. How long will the bar continue to serve alcohol?
  24. What brands of alcohol do you serve?
  25. Does the pricing include coffee/tea service for guests?

At Anoush we offer all types of catering for both our wedding venues in Glendale CA and for our location catering services. We are here to answer any question you have about food and catering for your big day.

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