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In the recent years we have watched as brides-to-be put forth every effort to recreate their dream wedding, straight from the Pinterest board. Not that this is a bad thing, by any means.

As we head into the 2016 wedding season full on, you can expect that there will be some changes with regards to wedding trends. One aspect in particular that will be affected are wedding venues. We know that the venue is just as important (if not more) as the décor, the dress, the food, etc. The point is, that there is a great deal of importance placed on wedding venues. Trendy predictions are pointing to weddings that showcase the personality of the bride and groom and that ensure a good time for their guests.


Venue Trends 2016

Here are a few trends to hit the wedding venue, or rather wedding scene as a whole in 2016.

  • Glitz and glam – Expect weddings this season to be glamourous, with a capital “G.” That means flashy venues feature looks that make the bride feel as if she just stepped onto the red carpet. Sheen and luster is in and there will be no shortfall of it gracing the presence of wedding venues across the country. That means glitter, metallic, gold, silver and other alloys will take center stage – the shinier the venue décor, the better!
  • Romance – Get ready for a season of ‘happily ever afters’. Romance is in the air and that means that venues with romantic appeals will be in high demand. Think extravagance, large crystal chandeliers, grand staircases and marbled pillars. If it makes you think of a Disney princess, it is in this season.
  • Take your seats – When it comes to venues and receptions, this season, brides will steer away from conference style seating such as large rounds. Instead, long rectangular tables and seating, in comfortable and charming chairs will be all the hype. This will offer a more intimate and cozy feel which tends to be on the top of many bride’s list of things to achieve.
  • Au Natural – Barns and other outdoor weddings venues continue to be popular this 2016 wedding season. Rustic and chic, with a “hometown” appeal are attributes that brides are in search of in their potential venue.
  • What’s in a number – Another trend gracing the wedding venue scene this 2016 season is that of smaller and more intimate settings. Dreamy, intimate and quixotic is the idea. With focuses on more dramatic attention to detail rather than large numbers of guests.

In terms of wedding venue trends this season, we can expect the climate to change somewhat as we move into the spring and summer months. What we can expect as of now given this seasons trending forecast, is that romance will be in the air even when it comes to the wedding catering services, it will be glamourous. Whether the romance is in the form of sparkles, glitz and glamour, or intimate and cozy natural settings, we know that each bride will want to feel like a princess – and rightfully so, who doesn’t!

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