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Why Choose Anoush for Your Wedding Venue

Think of your first meeting with your event catering company of choice, or that you are interviewing, as a first date of sorts. You want to have yourself together, you want to be prepared and you want to ask as many questions as possible. This is because a lot of catering companies will reserve important information that will in the long-run cost you extra money. This is not the expectation when you interview with Anoush.


Why Anoush?

At Anoush you do not have to worry about a thing. We are here for the sole purpose of bringing together friends and family with a fabulous evening, in a breathtaking atmosphere over an incredible meal. Our passion is to ensure that our bride and grooms have not a thing to worry about, except enjoying the most important day of their life with their new partner. We remove the burden of stress that naturally comes along with your wedding day and we replace it with the finest in cuisines under the candlelight of some of the finest banquet halls in Glendale, CA.

At Anoush, we take the guesswork out of the wedding planning process. Weddings are what we have done for 30 years and they are what we continue to do today. Not to sound haughty, but we know what we are doing. We give our clients unique, one-of-kind wedding experiences that are unmatched amongst other Los Angeles wedding catering companies. We are in a class of our own when it comes to wedding planning. We are the experts. If it is wedding catering services that stand out above the rest; cuisine that is Chef inspired, inventive and as delicious as it is beautiful; along with elegant and sophisticated services for your guests that you desire, then you have come to the right place. Anoush is a top catering company in LA, servicing the most exclusive of banquet halls and offering the finest in cuisines, alongside the most premium services.

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