Young Wedding Ideas in Glendale CA

Young Wedding Ideas

Couples of all ages are looking for ways to create fresh and unique wedding days. No matter what your age, you don’t want just another cookie-cutter wedding. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative ways for you and your guests to enjoy this special day.


Movie Themes

Movie themes are all the rage for young weddings. Just recently, we saw a number of couples getting married in Star Wars costumes and then heading out to the theater. Popular wedding themes include Harry Potter and even Twilight. Not only will the couple and wedding party be dressed in costumes, but many people ask their guests to get involved as well.



If you need to transport your guests from the ceremony to a wedding banquet hall, do something unique. The journey from one location to another can be part of the fun. Young, fresh ideas include buses decked out with bars, horseback or carriage rides, and even hot air balloon rides. If your wedding is themed, make your transportation in your wedding style, and create fun for everyone.


Flower Arrangements

Don’t just ask professionals to arrange flowers for your wedding. Let guests know that you want them included in every part of your special day. Ask your florist to set up a make-your-own-flower setting station somewhere in the wedding venue. Another “young” idea is to allow guests to hand the bride flowers as she walks down the aisle, creating the bouquet along the way.


Child Care

Offering childcare during your wedding reception is one of the newest and biggest trends. Hire a babysitter and set her up in a room near your reception location so parents can stop by to check in and then return to the party easily. Create a fun space with snacks, games, and movies for your guests to enjoy.


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