2011 Wedding Color Trends – 1960’s Hollywood Inspired

Pulled straight from the early 1960s, the jewel-toned costumes worn by the glamorous characters on the AMC TV show Mad Men are making a huge impact on bridal attire and wedding decorations.  Mad Men has undoubtedly become a design influence over the last few years with early ’60s inspired designs popping up all over from bridesmaids gowns to banquet halls.   With the rise in popularity of conservative design, we can expect to see even more ’60s influences in wedding attire, colors, and themes throughout 2011 and 2012. Yes, the lovely ladies of Mad Men have inspired a range of new color possibilities for anyone wanting to infuse a little retro glam into their big day.

Thoughts of the 1960’s may evoke memories of tailored suits, sophisticated dresses with nipped waists, strands of pearls, and long martini lunches. But, the color palette inspired by avocado green appliances, pink cocktail frocks, and royal blue cars may not immediately strike you as fabulous wedding colors.  Yet, the 2011 color palette is surprisingly similar, with subtle modern updates.  Color names have changed, but the look and feel of the 60’s is very evident.  According to the 2011 Pantone Color Palette, avocado green has been replaced by Peapod, the hot yellow is Beeswax, intense 60’s inspired pink has now been deemed Honeysuckle, and royal blue is more regal with its new name Regatta.

Reception halls all over Los Angeles are being draped in colors of the 60’s – from themed cocktail parties to exquisite weddings.  Event venues feature crisp white table cloths, bunches of unabashedly colorful flowers along with stark black accents, all to evoke the freshness and minimalistic drama of 60’s style.  The continuing trend towards incorporating vintage décor also blends well with the 60’s color palette.  You can easily transform a basic banquet hall to a mid-century modern Madmen style cocktail and fashion affair.  Dining tables dimly lit by a single pillar candle, decorated with retro-hued table linens, a crystal clear glass centerpiece with floating flowers, and pops of Regatta blue or Peapod green.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to be bold when it comes to working with these or any colors for your event.  Express your style in a fresh way that is uniquely you.  Whatever color or them you choose, let Anoush Catering make all the arrangements and work with you to ensure a flawless event for you and your guests.

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