A New Spin on Holiday Weddings

For most people, the months of November and December are filled with holiday planning, festive parties, and plenty of time spent with family and friends.  But, the holiday months are also a great time for a wedding!  There is nothing merrier and more festive than having your wedding take place during the holiday season. And, since this is probably the only time of year that the whole family will be in one place at one time, it is downright practical!

Southern California is known for its great weather during the holiday months, definitely something to take advantage of.  Churches, ballrooms, and catering venues in the Los Angeles area are all ready and waiting to host your holiday event.

Give Thanks
Thanksgiving is not just about turkey dinner, cranberries, and football.   It’s a time of reflection and sharing.  A Thanksgiving wedding can be perfectly full of tradition and family bonding.  Giving thanks for life’s blessings by choosing Thanksgiving time to become united as one would no doubt be an especially moving moment for everyone.

Incorporating the beauty of autumn and Thanksgiving into your wedding is easy as… pumpkin pie, of course. Use colors like red, gold, rust, burgundy, brown, tan, dark orange, and yellow.   Seasonal fall flowers like mums, daisies, and deeply-shaded roses, along with colored leaves, to create decorations and bouquets are perfect to continue the theme.   Decorations for a Thanksgiving wedding can include small gourds and pumpkins used as table markers, wheat sheaves, and cornucopia center pieces filled with seasonal produce and plants.  And of course, the meal should feature hearty seasonal food, but not necessarily turkey!

Christmas Bliss
The month of December is a magical month for weddings.  With every town and venue already adorned with twinkling lights, silver ribbons, and seasonal flowers, Christmas magic is everywhere!   Brides will find that they don’t even have to decorate their venues during this magical time, just go with the theme that is already there!  Like Thanksgiving, you can take advantage of your family already being together.  Make memories happen.  Have family and friends decorate a tree or gather around a fireplace and enjoy each other’s company before the wedding.  

Having a Christmas wedding does not mean that everything has to be red and green.  Create a winter wonderland by using gold, silver, and bronze to emulate the sparkle of the season.  And if you want real sparkle, add twinkling white lights and tulle can for a snowy, romantic effect.  Adding a little color into your wedding ceremony can be as easy as choosing red poinsettias or decorating each table with a wreath and crimson candles.  And end your ceremony by having your guests throw glittering snowflakes instead of rice or flower petals.

Your wedding is your own holiday. Make sure it is a reflection of you.  Working with an experienced caterer like Anoush Catering will help make your holiday wedding an event to remember!

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