Benefits of Family Style Service vs Plated Meals

There are a number of different styles of service that caterers can provide, including individually plated meals, which is the kind of table service you’d typically receive from a waiter or waitress in most restaurants. Others provide buffet service, in which a table or tables is set up with large servings of food, and guests serve themselves and then bring their plates to another table to dine. In addition, many caterers provide family-style service, which is a cross between individually plated meals and buffet service. In family-style service a wait staff delivers large platters of food to each table of guests, and each guest serves him or herself.

When you are choosing among wedding catering packages, you might consider family-style service as an alternative to individually plated meals. Family style dining is preferable to many because it streamlines the way food is served to you. Instead of employing a sizeable number of waiters and waitresses, family style service requires a smaller staff, and results in smoother, more efficient delivery of everything from appetizers to the main course and dessert. The dining area is less crowded, and with fewer waiters and waitresses on duty the overall atmosphere tends to be calmer and more enjoyable. You and your guests will feel more relaxed, and your entire dining experience will be enhanced.

Assuming that you would prefer to provide a meal to your guests at your earliest convenience, you will find that family-style service is quick and efficient for a number of reasons. The kitchen will have food prepared and ready to serve once your guests are seated. There’s no need to take each guest’s order and prepare individual meals for each person in attendance. This eliminates problems that can occur when a meal is served to a group, such as errors in orders. Guests will not be forced to wait for their food until staff members can correct a mistake, which facilitates a pleasant, carefree atmosphere for all involved.

Family-style service allows the caterer to provide a variety of dishes in multiple courses at a more affordable price. The caterer can also more easily manage portions with family-style service, which prevents waste that might otherwise occur. This, in turn, saves you money for the total cost of the meal. The caterer will prepare an amount of food that is appropriate to feed all guests, but does not have to provide a whole portion of each dish for everyone in attendance. Instead, portions are determined by the total quantity of food that will be served to guests.

Ask those providing food catering in Los Angeles and most will tell you that family-style services helps provide a warm atmosphere for guests. There’s nothing like sharing delicious food at a table full of diners to help break the ice and make the event more memorable. Family-style dining increases interaction among guests and helps stimulate good feelings and warm conversation. It also allows guests to control the portions that they eat, which adds to a home-like atmosphere at your event. Your guests will be more relaxed, and your event will be an even greater success.

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