Bottle or Bar?

Bottle or Bar?

Catering an event is sometimes like taking a multiple choice test.  Ballroom or banquet hall?  Event planner or wedding planner?  Mediterranean cuisine or Greek?  The latest question to add to the list is bottle or bar service?  Yes, the days of deciding between cash and open bar are long gone.  How your drinks are served is just as important as what they are!

The Bar Scene
Bar service is the traditional beverage service choice.  Event planners, caterers and guests are all familiar with bar service at any event.  Whether hosted or as a no-host service, a selection of bar service packages are always available to fit your needs.  Bar service can complement events from 10 to 1000, and can be as simple or complex as you design it to be.  Traditional bar service choices include a wine and beer option or a full bar.  Wine and beer service can include selections of varietal, California, or imported wines along with domestic, local or specialty beers.  Your event planner or caterer can recommend wines and beer to pair with your selected dinner menu.   Full bars add liquor to the beer and wine, offering  a range of spirits, beers, wines and cocktails from Amaretto to Zinfandel.   Like wine and beer, full bars can be modified to complement all liquor preferences and budgets.   A recent trend is to also incorporate “signature cocktails” that reflect the personal characteristics of the hosts.

A Bottle Blast
Los Angeles caterers have seen an uptick in requests for VIP bottle service at catered events of all sizes.  Although early forms of bottle service existed in World War II era Japan, the influence of Las Vegas and Hollywood celebrities has popularized this once ultra-exclusive option.   The modern form of bottle service was pioneered in 1995 by Michael Ault at Spy Bar and in 1996, Chaos with the express goal of creating a “barrier to entry”, rather than of increasing liquor sales.  While once an exclusive option at A-List hot-spots, bottle service has now moved from the nightclub to the reception hall.  Bottle service is the perfect choice for smaller more intimate events.  Birthdays, engagement parties, or just a good night out with friends lend themselves well to bottle service.  The selection of bottle service typically includes bottles of liquor and mixers for each table of the party. Bottle service can also include the service of a VIP host, who will ensure that everyone has sufficient mixers and will often make drinks throughout the night. 

Whichever bar service you choose make sure that Anoush Catering is your caterer of choice.  Not only can Anoush Catering provide for all your bar needs, Anoush Catering is renowned for its exquisite food, spectacular presentation, and first-class service.  They can truly make your event the talk of the town!

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