Buffet or Sit-Down?

Brides and grooms can spend hours, if not many days, tasting their way through platefuls of wedding meal options on their path to find the perfect catering company for their big day.

Catering service providers will serve up gourmet  bites and samples of cake  hoping to get their own cut of the prospective wedding couple’s business.

While it’s important to choose a caterer wisely, it’s also necessary to consider how the food should be served.  One thing brides and grooms should be thinking about is do whether their wedding meal should be served as a sit-down meal or as a buffet?

Is your wedding theme, personal style, banquet hall, and food choices best suited for a buffet or plated dinner?

A sit-down (or plated) dinner, some may argue, is more formal and best suited for weddings with a more elegant theme.  Asking your guests to dress in black tie, then having them get their own food from the buffet is considered by many to be a wedding etiquette faux-pas.

Sit-down dinners, though, are no way reserved for only formal weddings.  Yes, there are benefits to the sit-down meal. There is no line up for food, and everyone can eat at the same time. And, there are many ways to coordinate a plated meal. Options include a single entrée, a duet of entrées (usually beef and fish), or several smaller courses of interesting appetizer sized plates.  With people being served and not meandering around the buffet line, there is typically more opportunity for socializing and dancing afterward too!

On the flipside, there are also benefits to a buffet. This often times less formal style lends itself nicely to a variety of food options.  In fact, food can often be more plentiful and varied. Your guests can truly choose what they like.  A seafood station for the seafood lovers, carved meats, a pasta station – you can even add Anoush Catering’s memorable fruit station to take care of your health-conscious guests. Buffet style is perfect for an informal and casual setting, and very commonly used for event meals other than dinner.  Brunch banquets, afternoon teas, and champagne and dessert receptions lend themselves nicely to a buffet.

However, the choice of what and how to offer food at your reception should really come down to personal preference and style. Make sure you include foods that you love. The main priority for your wedding day is to enjoy it. And choosing the foods you’re excited to eat will help to make your menu more personal and special.

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