Fall Wedding Inspirations

Fall is officially here!  For LA fashionistas, it marks the seasonal end to wearing white pants and white shoes.  For LA caterers and venues, it marks the beginning of fall wedding season.  The cooler temperatures usher out pastels, beach themes, light meals and white wine spritzers, and warmly welcomes in jewel tones, warm comfort foods, and red wine.

It’s no wonder fall weddings are so popular: Changing leaves and early sunsets create amazing photo ops, and with the summer heat long gone, brides, grooms, and guests don’t have to worry about sweating through wedding attire.  Fall is only second to spring as the most popular wedding season.  If you are planning a fall wedding, don’t worry! It doesn’t have to be all about pumpkins, turkeys and standard fall colors – this year’s fall wedding trends have a lot to offer!

Wedding Colors – Be Jeweled
Typically, fall wedding incorporate colors of the season – stunning shades of red, orange, gold, and brown to match the changing leaves.  But this year, the fall palette (according to our friends at Panetone) is comprised of muted jewel tones.  Deep teal, a strong, blue-toned green the suggests ocean depths and the color of the sky as daylight descends into darkness, and phlox, a magical, deep purple will be in the forefront as “in demand” colors for fall weddings in 2011.  But, don’t be surprised if you also see shades of yellow and pink this fall as well.  Bamboo, a yellow with greenish undertones would be a perfect color for table linens, and honeysuckle, a playful reddish pink would add a punch of color to bridesmaids dress or floral centerpieces.  All of the colors work well with other neutrals, especially the deep delicious coffee liqueur brown!  The colors of this fall  season are definitely far from traditional!

Wedding Food – Warm Comfort
Now that the weather has started to cool, your guests will be craving rich, intensely flavored meals, so you can think beyond the salad-and-meat entree combo.  Caterers have seen recently that trendy LA couples are moving away from the standard salad as a first course. One popular and perfect for fall alternative is soup.  The warmth and heartiness of soup makes it a natural fit for fall.  Consider squash bisque served in little pumpkin shaped ramekins or butternut squash soup in a martini glass adorned with a leaf.  You can still opt for a salad – just add a seasonal touch like sharp cheddar, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, or figs to make a plain salad fall festive.

For entrees, fall is a great time to serve the classics.  Warm, comforting, and delicious filet mignon, roasted chicken, or salmon will please even the most finicky of wedding guests.  But couples who want to set their wedding meals apart are looking beyond these typical entrees. For a twist on the typical meat dish, a rack of lamb or a cut of veal would make a perfect fall entrée.  Another option is a homestyle potpie filled with chicken or eggplant and fall vegetables like carrots, turnips, squash, and leeks.

No matter what colors and foods you choose for your fall wedding, make sure your wedding is a reflection of you.  Working with an experienced caterer like Anoush will help make your fall wedding an autumnal event to remember!

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