How to Select the Best Vendors and Make Vendors and Your Guests Happy – Key Details

With so many vendors to hire to complete your event – photographer, videographer, DJ, florist, cake decorator, etc. – some of the finer details can get lost in the mix. Your event’s vendors create and capture memories that form a lasting impression, so paying attention where others falter will help your event be the best it can be.


Your prospective photographer’s website looks polished and has excellent pictures from an event similar to yours. Before you hurriedly hire him, it’s wise to do a quick background check. Ask your event’s most important vendors for a reference or two, and call or email to see how their experience was. Ask if there was anything exceptional about the service, or any areas where your vendor left more to be desired. This simple step empowers you to hire more confidently, and helps avert potential disaster down the road.


A wedding planner or event coordinator is often instrumental in selecting, booking and communicating with vendors. However, you as the host should still correspond directly with key vendors periodically to gain and provide valuable feedback. A quick discussion with your catering manager or head chef might lead to an important shift in what entrée you offer guests. A brief consult with decorators may reveal a color clash that can be resolved. Being just a little more hands on in the correspondence department can spare a lot of frustration.


Special events hosted in an elegant venue offer a great opportunity to network, celebrate and commemorate. Sending your guests home with personalized swag or party favors to remember you, the guest(s) of honor, or the event itself by is a great way to form a lasting, favorable impression. Make sure all vendors are aware of what you want your guests to remember, and have them tailor their work to fulfill your vision. As an example, order stickers with a monogram, brief quip, and/or website address, and attach them to whatever gifts that you give guests.


Your on-site vendors work hard to execute your event exactly as you desire. Remember to set aside an area for them to safely store their belongings and take a brief break. Provide a small snack or refreshments there to make the minute or two they spend resting count. This short period of recuperation can make a huge difference in their ability to give the big smile and enthusiastic attitude that make your event that much more memorable. Take care of your on-site vendors so they take care of you and your guests.



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