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When planning your wedding you will face a seemingly endless list of choices to make, from locating the best venue for your ceremony to choosing the flowers and music that will help enliven the occasion. There is so much to do, and so many details that must be aligned that you should begin planning your special day a year in advance. But, don’t forget to have fun as you work to make this a wonderful event.


Food is a large part of Indian culture, and a big feast is also an important part of any wedding celebration. Indian wedding food varies a bit depending on which region of India the wedding party hails from. The wedding feast may include vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, soft drinks and sometimes liquor. Appetizers are usually served before the main courses. Main course are often times served on banana leaves, and can include four or five vegetable dishes, as well as rice, which is usually a staple of the wedding feast.


Indian weddings tend to be large in scope, with many guests in attendance, so you will want to begin looking at Indian wedding venues early to ensure that you locate and book the perfect space for your event. Make a list of venues that interest you and contact the management of each that most appeal to you. Note the response that you receive. If you leave a voice mail the reply should be quick, courteous and helpful. Be sure that there is adequate space and enough time allowed prior to the event for caterer, florist and mandap setup. Also, make sure you thoroughly understand the costs and additional fees that might be part of the package.


A Hindu wedding is usually a multi-day event that is attended by many family members and friends. Marriage is a sacred rite in Hindu culture, and is one of the 16 ceremonies one experiences in a lifetime. The Hindu wedding is considered not only a holy sacrament and the matrimonial bond between a man and woman, but also the marriage of two families. To the Hindus, a man is incomplete if he has not bonded with a woman who is loving and supportive. A marriage must embody the three most cherished values: happiness, growth and harmony.


Indian Weddings are joyous feasts celebrating the union of two spirits, and they are also quite colorful and lavish in stylishly patterned traditional costumes. The air is filled with fragrant incense and the spirit of convivial bliss seems to flow from each person in attendance. Weddings may be held in a banquet hall, in an outdoor location in the countryside or even on a beach. Some choose to set up a wedding tent, which provides an intimate, colorful and traditional Indian atmosphere that will make a wedding ceremony memorable. Added to that, the flowers, music and dancing that will all be part of your ceremony will help personalize the event and will ensure that it will be a highly memorable occasion.

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