It’s All about Dessert!

There is always room for dessert!  Perhaps it is that old childhood saying that makes us all love dessert?  Or just the fact that it is sweet, delicious, and a perfect end to a delightful meal?  While wedding cake is usually the dessert du jour at a wedding,  dessert loving brides are going above and beyond the traditional wedding cake and adding dessert stations to their reception.  Los Angeles wedding desserts aren’t about cake anymore, cupcakes have come and gone, its all about variety, fun, and interaction!

Dessert stations are basically a buffet table style setup that guests can visit.  After a long meal, it’s a nice opportunity to give your guests a chance to circulate a bit.  Dessert stations can range from the totally elaborate sweet filled tables with every confection imaginable to simple-themed offerings.  When it comes to dessert stations, just about anything is possible, just put your sweet tooth in charge!

Frozen Delights

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  Love ice cream bars? While you probably can’t get an ice cream truck into your banquet hall, an old fashioned ice cream cart makes for a great dessert station, complete with ice cream bars, sandwiches, and Italian ices.  For those looking for something a little more modern and trendy, frozen yogurt stations are all the rage.  Let your guests choose from a number of self-serve stations, just like your local yogurt shop!  And while you have ice cream available, why not display colorful gourmet cones and toppings, or even a station to make ice cream floats!



Candy Crazy

Did you love candy as a kid?  Have fond memories of picking a handful of your favorite treats at the corner candy shoppe?  Fully stocked “candy bars” are popping up all over LA wedding receptions.   Along with personalized wedding color M&M’s, many couples are requesting caterers to include the nostalgic sweets the couple loved from their childhood.  Malted milk balls, licorice, Red Hots and even silly candy cigarettes and wax lips fill glass jars and empty bags are available for guests to take home their favorites.


Healthy Treats

Dessert doesn’t have to mean calorie laden chocolate covered decadence.  A number of healthy, beautiful and delicious options are available for dessert tables.  Anoush Catering is famous for their fabulous fresh fruit stations.  Anoush Caterings use of fountains, ice carvings and special effects lighting serve to add to the grandeur of their elaborate fruit stations.  Sometimes the sweetest thing is the taste of just picked farm fresh fruit!  Light whipped mousse, fruit sorbets and lacey cookies can all make fabulous accompaniments to a fruit station.

You can choose to have one or a number of dessert stations at your wedding, let your sweet tooth be your guide, and let Anoush Catering be your caterer of choice, helping you make your wedding day one to remember.

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