Meet Culinary Director Jean Paul

Anoush is excited to announce its latest and most flavorful addition to staff, Culinary Director Jean Paul Peluffo! Born and raised in the South of France serves as an excellent foundation for any chef and he is no exception. Immersed in meal preparation from a young age, he has vast experience tantalizing fastidious pallets around the world, and he’s eager to make your dining experience with Anoush phenomenal.


When asked about why he decided to become a chef, Mr. Peluffo cheekily explains “I was born in a pot and raised in a kitchen.” Both his father and grandfather were chefs, which made the kitchen a second home for him. By 15 Jean began a 4-year culinary school program, where classes included wine studies, baking, sauces and an eclectic array of worldwide ethnic specialties.


Jean Paul Peluffo has visited 60 countries over the course of his career, and considers his vast exposure to diverse food a major source of inspiration. Before being warmly welcomed to the staff at Anoush, Chef Jean Paul was the Corporate Executive Chef for Celebrity Cruise Line where 140 discrete cooks intermingled in a single kitchen! He has a decade of experience owning his own restaurant (La Bistro in Walnut Creek near San Francisco), and he also acted as the Culinary Director for Stonepine Estate in Carmel, CA. All of this experience sets the foundation for one extraordinary chef.


Out of all the places Chef Jean Paul has traveled, worked and lived, Alaska is his favorite, and Brazil and Greece are close runner-ups. He developed a penchant and knack for baking, using chocolate to create decadent treats, and implementing olive oil, herbs and spices in ways that pay homage to many distinct cultures.


Being raised in the South of France, virtually any dish from this region could be considered a signature dish of his. Specifically he claims paella, an internationally popular dish of Spanish origin, as a specialty. This piquant dish combines rice, saffron, seafood and poultry. Additionally, he serves an unforgettable Ratatouille and “Floating Island.”

  • Ratatouille: Ratatouille is a famous dish named from the French words “touiller”, “to stir” and “rata”, slang from the French Army meaning “chunky stew.” It originated in Nice, France, and Jean Paul’s rendition of it, which calls on his vast experience, is very “nice” and savory indeed. Boiled and blanched tomatoes mingle with onion, garlic, and a special herbs de Province blend before separately cooked and cubed bell pepper, zucchini and eggplant are introduced.
  • Floating Islands: Given Jean’s interest in sweets, it’s only fitting we introduce you to his dessert, Floating Islands. The “islands”, formed from thoroughly whipped sugar and egg whites, get topped with caramelized almonds and rest on an English cream. The cream is formed by combining a carefully tended mixture of boiled milk, rose water, vanilla extract, sugar, and egg yolks.

Again, we invite you to welcome our Culinary Director Jean Paul Peluffo into the Anoush Catering Family! Please reach out to us at 877.628.6217 to discuss Anoush’s catering options and how chef Jean Paul can add that extra flavor to your special event.

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