No More White Napkins?

It wasn’t that long ago that a wedding wasn’t a wedding without everything being draped in the color white.  Not only did a white dress symbolize purity, white flowers were fresh and clean, and white table linens served as a reminder of a “top notch” affair.  Today, the only white you’re likely to see at a wedding is the bride’s dress!  Now in Los Angeles, it’s all about color, texture, layers and personal expression, and really, the options are endless.

Linens were once just an afterthought. Yet, specialty linens such as table cloths, napkins and chair covers are the perfect way to transform a wedding reception room.  Tables and chairs are the first thing that guests see when walking into a reception hall.  A well-chosen and presented linen palate can literally make the first steps into your wedding banquet room a wow moment!

Los Angeles-based caterer Anoush has recently seen a dramatic uptick in brides and wedding planners requesting colorful table linens. According to Anoush Catering “table linens have definitely become a focus, and by offering a wide selection of options, we’re able to infuse a lot of personality and style into a reception.”

Color and Texture
A few linen trends have set the stage for some fabulous wedding receptions.  Color, texture, and even metallics have sauntered over from the runway to the tabletop.  Color is making a splash, and right now, any color goes.  Chocolate brown has emerged as a trendy base color, accented with chair ties and napkins in shades of hot pink, aqua, or jade green.  Brown not your thing, but love purple?  Great!  Not only can the bridesmaids wear purple, you can cover your chairs and tables in shades of purple to tie together your theme.

Texture in weddings, from bridal gowns to napkins and table runners, is huge.  In linens, this can mean a crushed silk look, damasks, or other tone-on-tone designs. Texture can also be expressed through layers, such as using sheer overlays on tables or table runners on buffet tables, and accessories such as beaded or wicker napkin rings.

Lace, the ultimate in texture, is making a huge comeback, as well.  In wedding gowns and now in wedding design, lace has adds a sense of tradition and romance into your wedding day. Incorporating a delicate lace over a solid color fabric is an amazing new look for your table.

Like the fashion world, the world of linens is also sparkling in shades of metallic.  Matte metallic fabrics are covering tables and chairs all across southern California!  We are not talking about 1970’s gold lame. Instead, it’s bronze, silver, and platinum that are adding their sparkle and shimmer to linens in 2011.  From adding a simple sparkle underneath a lace table cloth, subtle metallic stitching highlighting the border of a napkin to all out metallic chair covers, the options are endless!  By paying a bit of extra attention to your table linens, the food and beverages served and the entire event will be even more special!

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