Salata Eliniki Recipe

Salata Eliniki is the Anoush Catering Summer recipe this week.  While this one may take some extra cooling time – it is sure to help cool off your guests at this weekend’s Summer gathering.

Salata Eliniki
Greek Salad

Needed Ingredients:

Salad greens such as cos (romaine), imperial or iceberg lettuce, endive, chicory, etc.
Onion rings or chopped spring onions
Sliced radishes
Tomato wedges
Cucumber slices
Sweet pepper strips
Sliced celery
Feta cheese
Black olives
Anchovy fillers
Chopped, fresh dill or parsley
Pickled capers


  1. Wash greens well shake off excess moisture and wrap in a tea towel.  Place in refrigerator for 1-2 hours to dry the greens and make them crisp.  Break up greens, or shred coarsely using a very sharp knife (the Greek method and a good one as the greens are less likely to bruise).
  2. Please greens in a bowl and add any other ingredients required.  Sprinkle on herb, add dressing just before serving and toss at the table.




Please note, that Anoush Catering’s recipes are proprietary and may vary in preparation methods and ingredients.





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