Signature Anoush Brandy

Introducing Signature Anoush “XO” Brandy!

 Celebrate the spirit of the evening with only the finest spirits in the world. Anoush Banquets and Catering is proud to announce its own brand of Armenian Brandy, available for enjoyment at any of your special occasions. Made with centuries old traditions,  there isn’t a smoother taste around or a finer way to Toast! With Anoush.

What makes Anoush Brandy so special?


Aged in oak barrels for 10 years our Brandy is at the head of the class, earning the distinction of being an “XO” Brandy for the amount of time and attention put into every bottle. From being a favorite gift for Winston Churchill, to now filling each of our grand ballrooms, the smooth oaky aroma and taste are rare and distinct. Food tasting scheduled soon? Ask for a sip and find out exactly what you’ll be able to share with your guests.


Steeped in Tradition, a Timeless Classic!


If you were the Premier in Russia in the 1940’s what did you send to the head of the United Kingdom? This very same brand of Brandy. And Mr. Churchill was known to have imbibed a full bottle in a day, expectant for his next delivery. For the man or woman who has everything, discerning taste is a function of life and there isn’t a stronger testament to the quality then a head of state choosing the Brandy that we now invite you to taste.

Each year over a billion dollars is spent on Brandy. Every day Anoush offers you the opportunity to share the very best with your closest and dearest. From our family to yours.


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