Special Effects Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements for creating a memorable evening.  Our ballrooms feature a number of lighting enhancements sure to make that special evening perfect.

Centerpiece spotlights:  A “must” for most formal events, all of our banquet rooms feature these special pin lights used to illuminate the floral centerpieces.

Column Wash lights “mood lighting”:  These lights, used to “wash” decorative columns in the ballrooms, are available in endless colors.  Used in conjunction with the centerpiece spotlights, these column wash lights are usually set to match the floral theme for the evening.  The soft tones and proper placement of these lights create a beautiful ambiance and set the mood for the entire evening.

Custom Name Projection: This is one of the most recent trends in event lighting.  We have the ability to project any image throughout the ballrooms.  Usually, for a wedding, the bride & groom’s names are projected in a heart.  For birthdays, the name of the honoree is placed in a cake and projected on the walls.  For corporate events, company logos add a great touch.  This feature is truly stunning and sure to leave a lasting impression.



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