Tasty Wedding Day Meal Options for Vegetarians

Choosing your wedding menu shouldn’t be a stressful task.  Selecting a menu with foods that you enjoy and taste good can actually be one of the highlights of planning your big day!

Yes, your wedding day is all about you, so if you want a vegetarian menu or vegan meal options, go for it!  Whether it is for cultural reasons or for people showing increased interest in healthy eating and fresh produce, LA caterers are often asked to create non-meat wedding menus.   While many traditional options for large crowds include meat dishes, it is easy to leave out meat without compromising the flavor of the food.  Vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike will appreciate when meatless menus are expertly prepared.

Vegetarian dishes often require extra flavors, textures, and creative presentation to compensate for the lack of meat.  Who doesn’t like that?  By pushing the creative limits of your menu to its furthest, your guests may get to eat something that they have never tried before – making your wedding’s cuisine truly something they will never forget.

Don’t even know where to start?  Don’t worry! This is where a caterer, like Anoush, that has years of experience in creating spectacular vegetarian dishes can help lead the way.  From hors d’oeuvres that dazzle to main courses sure to satisfy the most discerning tastes, a vegetarian menu is much more than a plate of carrot sticks and radishes.

The best wedding appetizer spreads are those with a little bit of everything.  You can start your meal with a beautifully crafted salad featuring the flavors of farm fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables topped with a tantalizing dressing.  Or, how about tabbouleh?  A feast to the eyes, nose, and palate, this memorable salad is deliciously light and a healthy start to a meal.  Simply prepared with bulgur, parsley, mint, vine ripe tomatoes, and spring onions, seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil, it’s truly a delicious way to get a meal started.  Not only can you offer your guests a delicious and healthy appetizer, but you can give your wedding menu an international flair.  While you may not be hosting a “big fat Greek wedding” you can incorporate appetizers  with a Mediterranean flair like stuffed grape leaves, freshly made roasted red pepper hummus with pita crisps, or home made falafel into your international feast.

The main course is the heart of every meal.  For a vegetarian menu, don’t settle for meat and potatoes without the meat.  Serving a meal of familiar foods like rice, potatoes, and vegetables alongside a wedge of tofu is a sure route to disappointment.

Culinary creativity will make vegetarian meals shine on their own, and not make people feel there’s something missing.  Your entrée should build on bold flavors, seasonal fresh ingredients, and the freedom to move beyond the conventional banquet prime rib and chicken.  Vegetarian Moussaka would be a great meal to serve your guests. Comprised of eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, and onions layered with tomatoes and lentils, baked with a béchamel white sauce, your guests will relish the flavors and never miss the meat!  If you are looking for something more “traditional”, a spicy ratatouille served over rice, couscous stuffed Portobello mushrooms, or roasted vegetable lasagna all are familiar foods and make for a memorable, yet completely meat-free meal. 

With a little creativity and some smart planning, your menu will come together to make for a memorable wedding meal.  Choosing foods you love, and working with a caterer that will customize a menu to your specific event needs and/or desires, is truly the key to a culinary happy every after.

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