Toast! with Anoush at Brandview – Extended Introductory Pricing

For over 25 years Anoush Catering has been proud to be home to countless memories and new traditions and we have had the opportunity to become Southern California’s premier catering company because of our commitment to your excellence. With the recent addition of the Brandview Ballroom we look forward to incorporating a rich national history into your future vision and the Anoush touch. The National Registry of Historic Places has already welcomed the Brandview Ballroom as one of its sacred treasures and we welcome you to come Toast! with Anoush at Brandview in the new year. In the spirit of the holiday season we are extending our reduced pricing through January 31st, 2012 to give you an extra heads start in planning your 2012 event.

The construction and grand opening of the Huntley-Evans building that houses Brandview signaled a shift into the new and improved Glendale that we have all grown to know and love, moving away from an undeveloped town in 1887 to its incorporation as a city in 1906. With Huntley-Evans the city of Glendale gained many firsts – first department store, first three story building, first elevator – and it was able to help elevate Brand Boulevard and its surrounding area to the bustling urban metropolis it has become. At Brandview you not only have a classic setting replete with the latest in technology, lighting and top notch cuisine but you have a perfectly located event space that captures the city’s energy and nightlife.

So how does a ballroom become part of a protected and preserved landmark? The National Historic Preservation Act has a series of criteria that can help us all understand how truly special Brandview is:

“Distinctive Character”

Even at the turn of the 20th century Brandview was a large scale undertaking with great aspirations. The grand staircase, over 100 years later, still provides the quintessential royal entrance and gives all guests the same sense of vintage star quality with each passing stair. Every footstep holds a memory and helps build the excitement and anticipation of an evening filled with the Anoush charm. No matter the year Brandview embodies the “distinctive character” of captivating elegance.

“Represents the Work of a Master”

From spectacular views to ornate design and attention to every detail Brandview represents architecture at its best. Anoush has worked tirelessly to capture the true spirit of a classic event space and to optimize the flow and energy of a well crafted venue. With a possible occupancy of 550 Brandview manages to create an intimate setting for every occasion with a range of customizable set ups that can only be described as “the work of a master.”

“Possess High Artistic Values”

No matter the number of breathtaking photos on our website ( the real beauty of the space can only be fully appreciated by visiting us and seeing each and every facet with your own eyes. Art may be relative but we have no doubt that you’ll see the artistry in every gilded leaf and decorated column. Come visit us soon and you can tell all of your friends what “high artistic value” can be.

We look forward to showing you more of what Brandview can offer and welcome you to come check back in to Toast! with Anoush every other Wednesday for more details on all our venues, our event of the month and to view more photos of and testimonials on our Facebook page. And don’t forget, our reduced pricing only lasts through December 24th so don’t miss out on your chance to share your event with us.

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