Wedding Flower Trends

What’s New in Wedding Day Flowers
Wedding bouquets are an integral part of any wedding.  While the wedding dress may be the first visual guests focus on when you walk down the aisle, your wedding bouquet is next on the list.  They showcase your walk down the aisle and pass on your bridal “luck” to the winner of the bouquet toss.

Modern Los Angeles brides are embracing new floral trends and choosing more than just white flowers and dainty satin ribbons.  Wedding bouquet design is constantly evolving with current fashions and trends. When Princess Diana got married in the 80’s, she carried a long, intricate cascade of roses and ivy, but at today’s wedding venues, you’re far more likely to see compact, easy-to-carry bouquets.

Today’s brides want more – more dazzle, more sparkle, and more glamour.  Brides are choosing to embellish their bouquets with brooches, jewel pins, pearls, crystals, and rhinestones, tied with monogrammed ribbons to dress up their stems and blooms.  And, even those who have selected a theme for their wedding are finding items to add to their bouquets such as shells, starfish, and sea-glass, feathers, berries and even pinecones.

A Rose Is a Rose…
The rose continues to be the most popular and elegant bouquet flower. The rose is available year round in a variety of colors to match every wedding theme.  Though, trendy Los Angeles brides are venturing beyond the traditional rose and incorporating rubrum lilies, peonies, hydrangeas, tulips, and orchids into their bouquets.   With 2011 being the year of the “green” movement, bouquet greens are making a big appearance.  Natural greens such as camilla leaves, grasses, herbs, ferns, and vines are being entwined into wedding bouquets.  Arrangements with a just-picked and looser casual look are perfect for today’s weddings and have replaced the more tightly-bound bouquet shapes of previous seasons.

Colors of the Rainbow
White and red have always been the two most popular colors for wedding flowers.  Their popularity has more to do with symbolism than anything else.  White for purity and red for love – there is no better match for a wedding.   However, modern brides are becoming a little bolder with their color choices while still utilizing white as a background color, or red for a pop of color. Now, many are opting for bouquets that match their wedding color scheme.  Yellow tulips, pink peoniespeonies, and even multi-color alstroemeria are all making appearances in bouquets. 

Like every part of a wedding, the bouquet should reflect your personality.  Whatever flower, color, or embellishment you choose, it should add a personal touch to your wedding day.


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